Fama Fraternitatis - 1614

Wiewohl wir nun wohl wissen, daß es umb ein ziemliches noch nicht an dem, da wieder unserm Verlangen oder auch anderer Hoffnung mit allgemeiner Reformation divini et humani, solle genug geschehen, ist es doch nicht unbillich, daß, ehe die Sonne auffgehet, sie zuvor ein HELL oder dunkel liecht in den Himmel bringt und unter dessen etliche wenige, die sich werden angeben, zusammen tretten, unsere Fraternitet mit der Zahl und Ansehen des gewünschten und von Fr.R.C. fürgeschriebenen Philosophischen Canons, einen glücklichen Anfang machen oder ja in unserer Schätz (die uns nimmermehr aufgehen können) mit uns in Demut und Liebe genießen die Mühsamkeit dieser Welt überzuckern und in den Wunderwerken Gottes nicht also blind umbgehen.

Vi vet dock att det enligt vår åstundan och andras förväntningar efter någon tid kommer en allmän reformation av både gudomliga och mänskliga ting. Ty innan solen går upp, upplyses himlen av
MORGONRODNADENS ljus. I väntan på denna reformation församlas några få som med sitt antal skall utöka vårt brödraskap, höja dess anseende och stärka dess förhoppningar och ge de av Fr.R.C. föreskrivna Filosofiska Canons en lycklig begynnelse. I all ödmjukhet och kärlek skall dessa nytillkomna tillsammans med oss dela våra skatter, som aldrig skall förgås, och så lindra denna världens möda och inte längre vandra ovetande om kunskapen om Guds underbara verk.

Howbeit we know after a time there will now be a general reformation, both of divine and humane things, according to our desire, and the expectation of others: for it is fitting, that before the rising of the Sun, there should appear and break forth AURORA, or some clearness, or divine light in the sky; and so in the mean time some few, which shall give their names, may joyn together, thereby to increase the number and respect of our Fraternity, and make a happy and wished for beginning of our Philosophical Canons, prescribed to us by our brother R.C. and be partakers with us of our treasures (which never can fail or be wasted) in all humility, and love to be eased of this worlds labor, and not walk so blindly in the knowledge of the wonderful works of God.


Det brittiska ordenssällskapet Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn och den tyska Frimurarlogen L'Aurore Naissante, vilket grundades i London 1888 respektive Frankfurt-am-Main 1807, delade på samma hebreiska namn Chevrah Zerach Bequr Aur, förevisat i gyllene gult vid bloggens huvud, vilket ordagrannt kan översättas till “Stigande Gryningsljusets Sällskap”. Denna tyska Rosenkorsiska Frimurarloge i Frankfurt, vilket måste anses vara det ursprungliga modertemplet till GOLDEN DAWN, kallade sig på tyska även Loge sur Aufgehenden Morgenröthe, vilket kan översättas till “Gryende Morgonrodnadens Loge”. Detta skiljer sig åt från den engelska seden att översätta orden Bequr Aur till “Golden Dawn” eller “Gyllene Gryningen”. Med anledning av Rosenkorstraditionens tyska ursprung är en mer korrekt översättning av Bequr Aur, genom franskans L'Aurore Naissante och tyskans Aufgehenden Morgenröthe, inget annat än GRYENDE MORGONRODNADEN. Denna hänvisning till ett stigande gryningsljus, morgonrodnad eller aurora är en klar hänvisning till den allmäna reformationen omnämnt i det ovan citerade stycket från Fama Fraternitatis. Denna blogg har dock valt att behålla den försvenskade anglo-saxiska termen GYLLENE GRYNINGEN för att denna, invand som den är, lättare associeras med den Rosenkorsiska tradition som här ämnas att framställas.

Licht, Leben, Liebe

fredag 27 november 2009

Magic, alchemy and compassion


There has recently transpired a highly interesting discussion or exchange of opinions regarding Magic and Compassion on Peregrin Wildoak’s excellent blog called Magic of the Ordinary. This short essay is a response to the main question which has become crystallized there: Is there any relationship between Love and Compassion and with the practice of Magic?

My view on what constitutes the greater aim of Magic this is quite simple. Rosicrucian Magic should always be under the auspices of Theurgy, even when one does works with so called “Thaumaturgy” (magical miracle working). Thus, we should always see magic as a working tool which helps us to accomplish:
  1. Union between the Microcosm and Macrocosm.
  2. Union between Heaven and Earth.
  3. Union between Man and God.
I.e. what is commonly referred to as the Alchemical Marriage. This is mainly done through:
  1. Energetic manipulation of the body (physical and subtle).
  2. Transmutation of the body and soul.
  3. Healing sickness (both in our selves and in others).
  4. Self knowledge.
  5. Study of nature and her works.
Thus in thaumaturgical work we shouldn’t loose sight on the higher goals of spiritual unfoldment and always consider it as integrated with the higher aspirations of our soul. As an example, healing or other kinds of direct manipulation on a physical body is part of thaumaturgy. Thus even Alchemy of the external kind may be viewed as a species of thaumaturgy, especially when it is integrated with the Magic of Light or Rosicrucian Magic as it commonly is within the Golden Dawn paradigm.

I remember once having a discussion with a good Frater of mine, who I loved deeply and shared my initiatory process with but who eventually went on with his own projects several years ago, who shocked me with these words: “Magic has nothing to do with spiritual unfoldment”!

I didn’t accept this premise then, and I still cannot accept it now, and I never will in the future. I ask myself this question: What is Magic and Alchemy at all about, if there is not any higher purpose with it?

I hold that from magical practice must follow the evolution of soul. I further hold that Love and Compassion is the true sign of spiritual unfoldment. If it is not, this must be a sign of a failed practice or initiatory process having nothing to do with the actual goal of initiation and Magic. Thus this has nothing to do with Magic and Alchemy being a neutral science and art with which to do as one likes, according to one’s whims and personal desires.

It’s true that Magic may be used for evil purposes or else this wouldn’t become necessary to admonish the candidate for initiation into the Golden Dawn that he or she: “Neither will...use my Occult powers for any evil purposes...”. Thus if our desires aren’t in harmony with our higher divine intentions, i.e. being impure, the Magic performed will become impure, debased and an expression of blasphemy. Instead of evolution we will experience the downfall of soul.

Thus in the Golden Dawn our Magic or Theurgy may be divided into three main parts or phases with their own peculiar aims, which must be conducted in succession:
  1. The purification and equilibration of the Sphere of Sensation or Aura.
  2. The invocation of the Higher Divine Genius or Holy Guardian Angel.
  3. The final integration of our inner “demonic” or Qlippotic powers or complexes of the unconscious.
Thus in the Golden Dawn paradigm there is no room for the debasement of Magic into selfish ends. Therefore we don’t start off our Magical practices with demonic workings as is the case with some so called “Left Hand Path” organisations.

The Alchemical Marriage is the true aim and in this process we are guided by the principles of Love; this is the power that binds together the disassociated aspects of our self, and also between us and the world outside of us. But before we may truly “unite” ourselves with our neighbour and fellow man, through Compassion and Love, we must first mend ourselves into a harmonious whole.

Thus in my opinion as a initiate we must focus upon the different processes that we are taught in our tradition to achieve the preliminary stages as represented by points “1” and “2”, i.e.:
  1. The process of initiation.
  2. The processes of magical invocation.
  3. The processes of alchemy.
  4. The processes of meditation.
This will ultimately create a reaction within us, in both our body and soul. There will occur a transmutation of both body and soul, the necessary equilibration of our corporeal self and the subtle bodies that we designate as “soul”. This will eventually result in a hightened sensitivity towards Love and Compassion.

Thus true Love and Compassion cannot be learned from or fostered by any outside authority, be it from any spiritual teacher or from any Good Book, nor from our parents. That is not compassion; that’s adaptation for fear of punishment and shame – trough the construct which we call “superego”. True Compassion has to come from within; it must be awakened in our heart, the centre within ourselves which we call our “Sun” or solar centre, or soul.

When we make ourselves as pure and unrestricted vessels for the L.V.X., Love and Compassion will naturally follow. The L.V.X. force will thus purify us, relieve us from our blockages within our soul and body, burn away the dregs of our being (“calcinate” the caput mortum), and root out our base and petty impulses from our hidden compartments of the subconscious. It will make conscious our repressed shadow (the Dweller on the Threshold) and relieve us from its dominion. It will make us whole....or holy. Thus will Love and Compassion naturally show forth.

Therefore one cannot expect to much Love and Compassion coming from an Outer Order member. They have to focus on these processes that I mentioned above. When they become duly crucified and thus become conscious of the radiant sun-force within them, they will become true Adepts and walk the path of Love and Compassion. Through the agency of this innate and driven Light Force they will heal the sick and that for gratis.

Paul Foster Case even had the opinion that it is only on the level of Exempt Adepthood and the Sephira of Chesed (Mercy) that one is able to truly show genuine Compassion. So it takes hard work with oneself and travel trough a long and suffering path of initiation to reach to that level of attainment. But Compassion doesn’t just come down to the initiate in a grand flash of enligthement on some exalted Grade, but unfolds gradually; spiritual unfoldment is always a gradual process. This is even experienced to some point in the more early stages of initation, but obviously cannot be compared to the full influx of L.V.X. in the later stages of Adeptship.

Thus true Love and Compassion is an attainment of a spiritual state, and not something one may learn from somebody else (i.e. from a person) but from Life itself, from Light (L.V.X.), from God. This is true Love and Compassion as opposed to the transferential processes we designate as “love” and “compassion”, as aptly described by psychoanalysis. Likewise true Conscience is the voice of God in contrast to the “conscience” of the superego.

This is also the big difference between the Golden Dawn and Freemasonry. Basically Freemasonry is a school of spiritual development by leading a virtuous life and proper eithical conduct, amongst else compassion and charity. The reception ceremonies are replete with lessons with which to learn the Mason the good conduct of life. In the Golden Dawn there is a wholly another emphasis. This emphasis is on self-knowledge and the learning of esoteric principles.

The only virtues in the Golden Dawn worth mentioning is “To Will” (Velle), “To Dare” (Audere), “To Know” (Scire) and “To Keep Silence” (Tacere), corresponding to the Four Elements thus: Fire (Will), Water (Fortitude), Air (Knowledge), and Earth (Silence). These are the virtues to be acquired through initiation into the Elements (i.e. Outer Order), with which to reach spiritual attainment that will show forth, amongst else, true (as in divine) Love and Compassion.

So I would say that Magic and Theurgy has everything to do with Love and Compassion, as it has to ultimately lead to this exalted goal. Theurgy is, like in mysticism, basically a “love story” between the practitioner and God. Alchemy is likewise a “love story” between the alchemist and Godhead manifest as mother nature. Alchemy is by its innate nature fuelled by Love, especially in its more advanced and internal paths. The “secret fire” of the alchemist is basically Love.

I have personally witnessed the miracle of transformation and how one initiate and close acquaintance of mine through the work of Rosicrucian Magic and Theurgy, within the framework of the Golden Dawn tradition as the hermetic vessel, could evolve from being a schizoid and paranoid misanthrope into being a passionate and compassionate “melancholic”, who now simply feels himself being in love with not only his wife and children (which comes naturally for most of us) but also with God, with himself, with the world, with his fellow men, with his professed tradition (who has brought him to this point in life), etc., in short with the All. He has made amends and reconciled himself with life. He hears the voice of God when conscience speaks to him.

He of course still experiences relapses into primitive states of splitting and projection, sometimes even on most of the days of the week. Sometimes he again suffers through regression into the schizoid-paranoid state for longer periods when going through trial, mourning and grief. But in most cases he hasn’t have to fight and persuade himself into feeling Love. When he is with himself and centered within his self, and feels relaxed, silenced and composed, Love and Compassion follows naturally, which duly flows from within.


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Mike sa...

This is an excellent piece and beautiful written.I can tell that this is very personal to you.I particularly like this line."Theurgy is like mysticism a “love story” between the practitioner and God".
A few years back one of the first group rituals I attended in my order was focused on sending healing love and light to Israel and specifically Jerusalem to heal and bring peace to the people who live their.My proctor and others were really passionate about this and I being a neophyte was puzzled.Were they secretly Zionist and wasn't this something you would do in church? I had joined the order to acquire Magic power and we were doing this!?! In looking back on it now I see how self centered and absolutely lost I was. Magic has changed me for the better and I find myself automatically sending out love and light to who ever or when ever I see suffering.Every day their is tragedy in the news and before I had been some what immune to it but now I am moved to do something about it.Our relationship with God,prayer and the true purpose of magic are the ways we have to heal the world.

Sincerus Renatus... sa...

Care Frater Mike,

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, basically the initiation and advancement ceremonies works through the formulae of healing. Many neophytes has experienced this effect going through the Neophyte Grade (the most known exaple being that of Dion Fortune's recollection in her 'Psychic Self-Defence').

But even the Elemental Grades uses this formula, in a "homeophatic" sense. They may easily be adapted into healing in general. We have done that successfully in our Temple in Sweden.

In Licht, Leben und Liebe