Fama Fraternitatis - 1614

Wiewohl wir nun wohl wissen, daß es umb ein ziemliches noch nicht an dem, da wieder unserm Verlangen oder auch anderer Hoffnung mit allgemeiner Reformation divini et humani, solle genug geschehen, ist es doch nicht unbillich, daß, ehe die Sonne auffgehet, sie zuvor ein HELL oder dunkel liecht in den Himmel bringt und unter dessen etliche wenige, die sich werden angeben, zusammen tretten, unsere Fraternitet mit der Zahl und Ansehen des gewünschten und von Fr.R.C. fürgeschriebenen Philosophischen Canons, einen glücklichen Anfang machen oder ja in unserer Schätz (die uns nimmermehr aufgehen können) mit uns in Demut und Liebe genießen die Mühsamkeit dieser Welt überzuckern und in den Wunderwerken Gottes nicht also blind umbgehen.

Vi vet dock att det enligt vår åstundan och andras förväntningar efter någon tid kommer en allmän reformation av både gudomliga och mänskliga ting. Ty innan solen går upp, upplyses himlen av
MORGONRODNADENS ljus. I väntan på denna reformation församlas några få som med sitt antal skall utöka vårt brödraskap, höja dess anseende och stärka dess förhoppningar och ge de av Fr.R.C. föreskrivna Filosofiska Canons en lycklig begynnelse. I all ödmjukhet och kärlek skall dessa nytillkomna tillsammans med oss dela våra skatter, som aldrig skall förgås, och så lindra denna världens möda och inte längre vandra ovetande om kunskapen om Guds underbara verk.

Howbeit we know after a time there will now be a general reformation, both of divine and humane things, according to our desire, and the expectation of others: for it is fitting, that before the rising of the Sun, there should appear and break forth AURORA, or some clearness, or divine light in the sky; and so in the mean time some few, which shall give their names, may joyn together, thereby to increase the number and respect of our Fraternity, and make a happy and wished for beginning of our Philosophical Canons, prescribed to us by our brother R.C. and be partakers with us of our treasures (which never can fail or be wasted) in all humility, and love to be eased of this worlds labor, and not walk so blindly in the knowledge of the wonderful works of God.


Det brittiska ordenssällskapet Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn och den tyska Frimurarlogen L'Aurore Naissante, vilket grundades i London 1888 respektive Frankfurt-am-Main 1807, delade på samma hebreiska namn Chevrah Zerach Bequr Aur, förevisat i gyllene gult vid bloggens huvud, vilket ordagrannt kan översättas till “Stigande Gryningsljusets Sällskap”. Denna tyska Rosenkorsiska Frimurarloge i Frankfurt, vilket måste anses vara det ursprungliga modertemplet till GOLDEN DAWN, kallade sig på tyska även Loge sur Aufgehenden Morgenröthe, vilket kan översättas till “Gryende Morgonrodnadens Loge”. Detta skiljer sig åt från den engelska seden att översätta orden Bequr Aur till “Golden Dawn” eller “Gyllene Gryningen”. Med anledning av Rosenkorstraditionens tyska ursprung är en mer korrekt översättning av Bequr Aur, genom franskans L'Aurore Naissante och tyskans Aufgehenden Morgenröthe, inget annat än GRYENDE MORGONRODNADEN. Denna hänvisning till ett stigande gryningsljus, morgonrodnad eller aurora är en klar hänvisning till den allmäna reformationen omnämnt i det ovan citerade stycket från Fama Fraternitatis. Denna blogg har dock valt att behålla den försvenskade anglo-saxiska termen GYLLENE GRYNINGEN för att denna, invand som den är, lättare associeras med den Rosenkorsiska tradition som här ämnas att framställas.

Licht, Leben, Liebe

onsdag 13 maj 2015

What is the “True Will”?

One often reads references to a True Will by modern occultists inspired by Aleister Crowleys teachings, who once said that the True Will should spring, a fountain of Light, from within, and flow unchecked, seething with Love, into the Ocean of Life (Little Essays Towards Truth, page 76). Crowley also stated that The most common cause of failure in life is ignorance of one’s own True Will, or of the means by which to fulfill that Will (Magick, Book 4, page 127) and that A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him (Ibid, page 128).

But, what is the True Will actually? How could it be defined? What makes it distinct from the untrue (false, illusional, etc.) will? How does one discern one from the other? How can one identify the True Will? Who is capable of doing that? Furthermore, is it possible to ascribe certain signs to a genuine communication with the True Will, recongnisable to another individual, say the Initiator? Is it possible to guide a aspirant, as a teacher and Initiator, to discern between the egoic drives and the True Will? Or is it always a matter of the individual?

I find Crowleys term True Will and his definition of it to be the most usable of all of his Magickal philosophy. But for me this is not the same as Liberalism or Libertanianism (which rather is the freedom ideology of the ego). For me the True Will must flow from the True Self, the Higher Soul or Divine Genius. That, in my humble opinion, entails an outlet of Love and Light and Life, whereas the ego blocks that flow and twists the lower persona into expressing Hate, Darkness and Death. 

The True Will represents Immortality; the false or egoic will represents mortality. The True Will knows the Truth; the false will either illusion or (at best) relative truth. The True Will expresses a Constructive urge; the false will desctructive tendancies and immediate gratification. The True Will makes us excell ourselves, to exceed our ordinary human limits and evolve, whereas the false will limits us and makes us regress or devolve. The True Will expresses the Will of God, whereas the false self expresses materialism. 

The True Will and the Divine Genius makes us aware of the intrinsic unity of all life and the brotherhood of humanity, of altruism, whereas the false will and ego shrouds our consciousness into a sense of separateness and egotism. This is true freedom or liberty, contrasted to the egoic notion of Libertarianism. Obviously, using this as a measuring stick, it is possible for a initiator to identify and separate the two contraries or contradictory willpowers within the initiate, and provide spiritual councelling in a general manner, not in its particulars.

Then there is the definition of what constitutes the Divine Genius. Most modern students of the occult in the past, as well as the current post-modern students, equal the Divine Genius or Higher Soul with the Holy Guardian Angel. That can be problematized, but I am not in the liberty to speak candidly about it here on this blog. But I must point out that the Daemon of Plato or Sokrates not necessarily is the same as the old and traditional Greek definition of the term Daemon or the Roman Genuis. (The term Genius used in the Golden Dawn context make this even more confusing, but seems to adhere to the relatively late platonic tradition.) 

What I can say though, is that the Divine Genius is an angelic aspect of ourselves. It is the Divne Spark. It is that central point within us which radiates Solar Power. It is the seed from which is created the Solar Body which is the ultimate goal of the Great Work and which entails true Immortality of consciousness. This Solar Spark is connected to the Solar Current, the Solar Energy, the L.V.X. or Light; the Life-Force. Compassion and Love. True Liberty as contrasted to the vulgar egoic liberty. 

Everything is created from this Solar Force and our Divine Solar Spark makes us in communication with the entire creation and constitutes the intercom with God or Godhead, the Lord of the Universe. That is why the term angel comes into mind, who in mythology were the mouthpieces of God, the deliverers of his commands, his messengers to mankind. But it is not the Holy Guardian Angel of Abra-Melin. This are one of the misconceptions that have taken hold of the post-modern occult community of the Occident and which deter the student from the path to apotheosis. 

Note: The photograph at the head is taken from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movie The Dance of Reality which depicts him standing behind a younger version of himself. The movie is about Jodorowskys own childhood and him taking the role of the wise aged Higher Soul. 



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